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WOW… I can’t believe the following my BLOG seems to have gotten — last month the web stats recorded over one thousand hits from unique IP addresses!!!

Growth over the last year has been moderately erratic, but I think more and more of the postings are getting indexed by search engines now.

It’s difficult for me to tell exactly how many people actually have subscribed to a feed, but it looks to be between two and three hundred at the moment.

I’ve been making an attempt to post something new at least once per day, and I’ll see if I can’t get at least one in-depth post per week as we move into the “terrible twos” for my BLOG.

Again, if you have anything you’d like to share — I’m happy to put a reference to it in my BLOG… but if you feel you  might have more than an occasional rant or rave to share I can give you some pointers to free BLOG hosts or information on setting up BLOGging software on your own site.

Originally posted 2008-12-15 12:00:02.